Born in 2009, the useDesign Studio deals with product design, exhibition design, graphics and art directions.

We strongly believe in a design characterized by artistic values, philosophy and ethics, and we constantly strive to communicate, through our creations, our society, our history and the ties, sometimes difficult to perceive, that we have with the everyday products.

Characterized by a playful and participative important component, the products of the useDesign Studio are characterized by the use of color, the materials and the simple forms that evoke the everyday objects of our past.

Luca Scarpellini, designer and art director. After 14 years of experience in the entertainment industry as an actor, set designer and lighting technician he got to the product design through the studies of mechanical/aerospace engineering and movie scenography.

His multifaceted training leads him to always have an interactive and aestethic vision of the products, but never giving up those artistic and philosophical contents that characterize the style.
Luca Scarpellini founded the useDesign brand in 2009 with the intention of bringing the self-production at the same level of the industrial one. He produces therefore unique and limited series of lamps, clocks, bookends and small furnishing converting with manual and accurate blasting and painting, the objects from the past, recovered from waste in the rubbish and the cellars.

Over the last years the useDesign Studio has expanded its range of action with projects far from the recycling and the self-production, but always related to the evocation of the past, to the craftsmanship and the research.